ARES Platinum

ARES Platinum is an top-tier, comprehensive service plan designed to give you total peace of mind over your PC environment. Ares will do more than jump in the trenches, Ares will bring his own army for you. We'll discuss your IT needs first to get a complete picture of the battlefield. Once your hardware requirements are ascertained, Ares will provide you with everything, from installation and configuration of your PCs, Advanced systems monitoring, reporting, proactive services and support, automatic software and anti-virus updates, asset management, hardware refreshes and asset disposal. Never worry again about another unplanned PC purchase or unforeseen downtime from hardware failure. More over, free up your company's Capex by moving your PC expenditures to Opex.

Gone are the recommendations for upgrades, Ares will put his veteran troops at your disposal. Along with the monthly reporting, and proactive services, ARES Platinum includes the hardware. So whether you use a desktop, laptop or workstation, you don't have to spend your time chasing deals for the lowest price and then waste time copying your files and programs. ARES Platinum is a service that delivers all of the technical and support requirements for your PCs and includes the PC hardware and accessories. With a pre-scheduled refresh of your hardware in mind, Ares will ensure that your business never has to second guess whether the PCs are fast enough or good enough to keep up with the day to day. Best of all, every 3 years, Ares will call up fresh troops to the line and keep your PC Hardware current. Reinforce your business with ARES Platinum.

Key Benefits:

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