PC and Print Programs to end your IT battles

How much do your PCs and Printers cost? How often do you have to replace them? How often do they break down? What does downtime cost you? How much time do you spend updating software or trying to fix the office printer? All of these small battles add up to the colossal war we wage trying to keep our IT running efficiently within a budget. .

Key Benefits:

  • Fixed Monthly Prices
  • Remote Monitoring and Support
  • Scalable to your business needs
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Scheduled Business Reviews

*Additional Benefits:

  • Best in Class Hardware
  • Always Covered Under Warranty
  • Lowers your Capex Significantly
  • Hardware Included
  • New Hardware every 3 years


Silver is an entry level service plan designed to give you monthly reporting on the health of your PC systems. Through proactive monitoring, Ares will inform you regularly about updates to critical...



ARES Gold is an mid-tier service plan designed to give you monthly reporting on the health of your PC systems as well as some complimentary proactive services. Using proactive monitoring, Ares will do more...



ARES Platinum is an top-tier, comprehensive service plan designed to give you total peace of mind over your PC environment. Ares will do more than jump in the trenches, Ares will bring his own army for you. We'll discuss...



ARES MPS Gold is a program designed to enable you to lower your total cost of printing. Unique to this program is that you don't have to change how you buy, opt into any convoluted contracts...


ARES MPS Platinum

ARES MPS Platinum is a managed print program designed to take the work out of managing your printers. Special to this program is your printer is delivered as part of a monthly service agreement...


*Additional Benefits pertain to services available as part of the ARES PLATINUM program only.