ARES Gold is an mid-tier service plan designed to give you monthly reporting on the health of your PC systems as well as some complimentary proactive services. Using proactive monitoring, Ares will do more than inform you monthly about updates usage levels, and software status. with ARES Gold, Ares joins the battlefield, providing you with more. Ares will go beyond monitoring and reporting, it will ensure that all our your critical security and software updates are downloaded and applied, and along with the monthly reporting, Ares will keep an eye on your hardware and predict when something is about to fail before the battle is lost.

Along with the monthly reporting, upgrade and refresh recommendations, Ares will keep a close eye on what's going on inside your computers and report back immediately when something starts going wrong. Don't be ambushed by a degrading hard drive, or failing memory, let Ares provide you with real-time intelligence on the status of your hardware, so you can minimize downtime. Ares will also automatically install and security updates and ensure your anti-virus definitions are up to date, to help prevent a sneak attack. Let Ares fight IT problems for your and give yourself the peace of mind you need to run your business.

Key Benefits:

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