Ares Silver

ARES Silver is an entry level service plan designed to give you monthly reporting on the health of your PC systems. Through proactive monitoring, Ares will inform you regularly about updates to critical systems information like, available Hard Disk space, Memory and CPU usage levels, and the status of security and software updates of your existing PC environment. ARES Silver removes the fog of war from around your PCs, so you can focus on the strategy of managing the computers within your organization.

Along with the monthly reporting, Ares will also make recommendations like component upgrades or PC refreshes based on the age and usage levels of your computers and crucial components to ensure a cost effective way of keeping your PC army in peak fighting condition. Likewise, Ares will inform you about any critical updates to Windows, Office, and your Anti-Virus software, to ensure that you keep your flanks protected. Don't allow yourself to be caught off-guard just because there isn't enough time to monitor your PCs. Let Ares oversee them for your and report back.

Key Benefits:

  • Predictable Fixed Cost Starting at $15/mth
  • Proactive Monitoring and Monthly Reporting
  • Hardware Recommendations for Maximum Performance
  • Notification When Key Software is Out of Date
  • Annual Consultative Business Review