ARES Platinum

ARES Platinum is a top-tier, comprehensive service plan that will go beyond the trenches and bring the army to you; it is designed to give you total peace of mind over your PC environment. We’ll discuss you IT needs to get a complete picture of the battlefield. Once your hardware requirements are ascertained, our service plan will provide you with everything frorm PC installation and configuration, and account for unplanned PC purchase, unforseen downtime, or even hardware failure. More over, free up your company’s CAPEX by moving your PC expenditure to OPEX.

ARES Platinum is a service that delivers all of the technical support requirements for your PCs, which includes hardware and accessories. Every 3 years, ARES will call fresh troops up to the line to keep you PC Hardware current. Whether you use a desktop, laptop, or workstation, you don’t have to spend your time chasing deals and then migrating all your files and programs. Reinforce you business with ARES Platinum.

Key Benefits:

  • Installation and Configuration of New PC Equipment
  • Lifetime Warranty on Hardware
  • Predictive Hardware Failure Analysis and Remediation
  • Automatic Updates to Software and Anti-Virus Definitions
  • Predictable Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Remote Monitoring and Monthly Reporting
  • Planned Product Refresh and Hardware Disposal
  • All PCs and Accessories Included
  • Quarterly Consultative Business Review