ARES MPS Gold is a program designed to enable you to lower your total cost of printing. Unique to this program is that you don't have to change how you buy, opt into any convoluted contracts, or get stuck with minimum monthly payments. Just save when you buy a new printer and keep saving as you buy more toner. Moreover, if you need any accessories for you printer, like an extra tray, imaging kit, or extended service plan, you save on those too. Worried about the ever climbing cost of toner? With ARES MPS Gold, the cost of your toner is locked in for up to 5 years when you purchase a printer in the program

Powered by Lexmark, ARES MPS Gold, gives you the freedom and choice to purchase the Enterprise grade printer that is right for your business needs, and gives you the flexibility to replenish your toner on your schedule. Combine the discounts on the printer, extended service agreement and toner to get the most out of your printer. Battle hardened printers, truly built for business.

Key Benefits:

  • From 10% to 35% discount off MSRP on Lexmark Enterprise Printers
  • Best in Class Technical Support
  • Predictable Cost For All Your Print Supplies
  • Zero Monthly Minimums
  • No Hidden Monthly Charges
  • From 15-50% discount off MSRP on genuine Lexmark Toner